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Kelly is a highly-trained professional in the field of traditional Chinese medical techniques, including healing massage, and cupping. Her highly trained specialties include a combination of traditional Chinese and Modern medical techniques including healing massage (tui na) , cupping, muscle, ligament, and tendon therapeutics.

Her credentials include training and accreditations from several prestigious Chinese academies

  • First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi traditional Chinese medical college traditional massage vocational skills training center
  • China Institute of Traditional Chinese medicine, Guangxi National Institute of Training
  • The China Zhuang Medical Hospital of Guangxi Province

In 2004, she was awarded the Chinese professional massage therapist Senior Certificate.

In 2008 she also received a Completion Certificate from the training program of the China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical Healthcare (CPAM).

She studied the modern Chinese therapy ‘Ding Xiang Zheng Gu Fa’, from a distinguished Osteopathic professor at the Air Force Orthopedics Center. This therapeutic technique is a skill that can release the body from cervical and back pain caused by a slipped disc. Her study included an internship with clinical practice in the special spinal department of the Chinese Air Force Hospital, and upon completion of her internship in 2008 she received a Clinical Certificate.

When Kelly moved from China to Colorado she registered as a Certified Massage Therapist. Her treatments include the standard array of relaxing, Swedish, and deep tissue massage. She also provides modern Chinese healing of orthopedic issues, holistic body pain relief, and stress relief. You will leave Serenity feeling relaxed and healed.

Kate and Marni


Thank you Kelly!  You are God sent to us and a miracle worker. Thank you, Thank you.

Marni Lee


I have scoliosis and had surgery done when I was 9 years old, that was 32 years ago. Just a week ago I could not walk went to the doctors. They only gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers. which I dont ever take. The nurse in the ER told me about Kelly at Serenity Day Spa. called keely that day and got in to her the next day. She did amazing on me, after the first sessions with Kelly the pain was almost gone but still had a little pain. Saw her the second time two days later. every day the pain went away. If it wasnt for kelly i would have lost my job and i probably would still be in bed with no hope. I would recommend her to any body that has and problem going in their body. I can't say enough on how much she has helped me get rid of the aches and pains that I have had for 32 years. You must go see her at Serenity Day Spa.

Carolyn Ph.D


If you've never experienced Chinese medical massage, be prepared for a treat! I was fortunate enough to find Kelly at Serenity Day Spa when I was suffering pain from a broken ankle that hadn't healed properly. I was also feeling the extreme physical and emotional stress of caring for a loved one who was undergoing chemo for Stage 4 cancer. After the first treatment, I felt rejuvenated -- she had alleviated the pain and the stress. As a side benefit, totally unexpected, after a recent massage I discovered that she had also cured my common cold! Kelly is an outstanding medical professional with exceptional skills in "reading" what the body needs. Her treatments are so unlike any massages I have ever experienced before, that she is in a class of it's own. Now that the healing is underway, I will continue to see Kelly on a regular basis. You owe it to yourself to visit Kelly for yourself!

Bobby IT Professional

Kelly is the real deal. I first went to Serenity on a whim, looking for a relaxing massage after a business trip. When she took me to the massage room she told me to stand still and touched my shoulders, back, and legs/knees and then went into “diagnosis” mode. I get regular massage, and this was different than anything before. Instead of a full-body relaxing massage, she identified and worked my trouble areas. For example, I had ACL surgery 20 years ago, and even though I am very fit and active, my knee has always been troublesome and in some level of pain. In that first 90-minute session, Kelly spent at least 60 minutes on that leg and knee area, and WOW what an impact; greatly reduced pain, increased flexibility and stability, I am now skiing, running, and cycling stronger than I can ever remember. Since that first session she has worked on my spine/lower-back, and shoulder (torn rotator cuff) with similar results. I now schedule a 2-hr session with Kelly at least twice a month. Consistent with her claims, I do not consider her a “massage therapist” but rather a medical professional.

Kyna Saam Katz

Best Massage/body worker ever. Kelly. Try the therapeutic work, walk out taller!

I have used Serenity A Day Spa for several years (prior to their storefront) With chronic lower back pain, the massage therapists at Serenity have done wonders with a holistic approach and theraputic treatment. It has helped me alot. I have even done the foot massage (reflexology) treatments a few times to spoil myself! Great place and well worth the visit.

My first visit. Went for an hour and stayed for 2 1/2. Circulation greatly improved in two problem areas. Not your typical American massage shop. The owner is a Dr of Chinese medicine. She focuses on real issues. Definitely going back soon.

The owner is a VERY skilled, very different therapist. This is not your traditional "massage", rather she uses a combination of acupressure, tissue manipulation and massage to actually help your body. I found her on a chance and will be going back at least once a month to work on my body circulation and stress management.

Sara T.

The owner is a VERY skilled, very different therapist. This is not your traditional "massage", rather she uses a combination of acupressure, tissue...

Cheryl K.

My first visit. Went for an hour and stayed for 2 1/2. Circulation greatly improved in two problem areas. Not your typical American massage shop. The...

Andy H.

I have used Serenity A Day Spa for several years (prior to their storefront) With chronic lower back pain, the massage therapists at Serenity have done...

Pat Koestner Psychologist and athlete


Put aside all your expectations of massage. This is deep healing that touches multiple levels at once. The knee bone truly is connected to the stomach bone. Don't be surprised if you experience positive in something Kelly seemingly didn't even work on.

Mahna Salter Attorney


Kelly is a master massage therapist. She is amazingly knowledgeable about the human body like an excellent physician - both Western and Eastern. Don't a lightweight massage. She's strong and therapeutic, and one of best massage therapists I've met. And she's very reasonable. Littleton is lucky to have her.



Kelly is a very talented therapist. I am seeing her for pain in my hip joint. She has found the problem, worked on correcting it and I feel much, much better. It is easier to walk and I feel more balanced.



Kelly is a highly skilled massage therapist. I’m a practitioner in the grappling arts of Brazilian ju jitsu and wrestling where injuries are more common than not. While sparring I had injured my neck slipping a disc causing me shoulder pain, arm pain, numbness of the fingers, and limited neck movement. I found Kelly probably three months after this injury occurred, and just by placing her hands on me she knew what my problem was without me telling her. She reduced the pain greatly and worked on other problems I kind of forgot I had like joint problems I live with from older injuries in my knee, shoulder, and elbow. Prior to finding Kelly I had visited the VA hospital about my neck injury, and the doctor mention possible surgery and told me to never wrestle again because I’m too old. Whatever Doc! I wasn’t able to spar or wrestle after my neck injury, but two weeks after a session with Kelly I was back on the mat sparring lightly and now currently going 100%.

She originally told me to not spar for two months, but her massage work is just that good. My neck has its full range of motion back and the stress of wrestling doesn’t cause it any pain. Thanks Kelly



Kelly Lu really knows her stuff, she quickly identifies the root cause of whatever discomfort you are having and administers the proper treatment to fix it. I have back problems and she quickly spotted an imbalance between my left and right sides, she brought them into line and things quickly began to feel better. I went to a doctor and they just basically told me my muscles were knotted up and gave me anti-inflamatories and muscle relaxers, although that alleviated the problem temporarily it did'nt fix it. By working the ligamnts she made the problem go away and now i feel much looser and relaxed. I would recomend her to anyone that is having pain or discomfort with their bodies.



Years of neck pain and back pain are finally gone. Kelly can touch you and know where you hurt. While most of her techniques are relaxing, some of them are uncomfortable, but the result is beyond words. Thank you Kelly! .



The best massage is like no other massage you will every get. This is very helpful with my circulation. Kelly is great and fun also. Better than going to the doctor.